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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Knock, knock ...

Yes, finally!

The knocks are now so frequent and loud that I cant help but sit up, rather wake up, and take notice.

Currently going through so many emotions; elicited by reasons and sources both internal and external, unfortunately few closer to home that I would like. Time I guess is ripe to put on the writing hat!

The next few days, weeks, months or years will probably take a hit. But this is a worthwhile risk in the bigger scheme of things.

Cya all in a short time from now. If "Knock, knock ..." gets slow the blog will get hyperactive!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bhagyanagaram - Hyderabad; Nizams and beyond

It's always fun to take some time out with family; the gleam in Prad's eyes more so makes it personally very rewarding.

My last week in the previous job and I needed a break before I took up the new assignment. I had booked for us a trip to Hyderabad, nothing magical about the city though, it was just that Prad would love the trip to Ramoji and Snow world, I would love Golconda and Dee would freak out in the pearl shops and the bangle stalls near Charminar.

The Lumbini garden set the platform for what was to follow the next day in my mind. The laser show on a fountain highlighting the love story of the Nizam that led him to name his capital city Bhagyanagaram, after his beloved Hindu wife was indeed fairy tale-ish romance. I was still feeling warm and thankful inside for Dee when it happened. In Ramoji, Deepa was sitting on the Tora Tora, a merry-go-around kind of ride. I was watching from the sidelines when she was happily going round in circles. Her hair was undone, she had that nervous smile on her face, she was trying to spot me in the sidelines and she was looking strikningly beautiful. Took me back to Nov 27, 2002, the first time I met her. Thats when I had seen the same Deepa, the one whom I said I would lead the rest of my life with, that too in only one meeting. At that moment, though she was on the ride totally oblivious of the fact that I was standing there falling in love with her all over again, I felt she was very close to me. At that very moment she was right next to me making me feel warm and light. Ahh... the moment, the feeling of falling in love again with someone you love more than anything else. :)

I was in that soft, warm feeling till evening when we came back to the hotel; I wanted to share with her how I felt, but then she had to open her mouth and say something... :(